tiger woods

Resurrecting Tiger, the Brand

In a move that could start the drive to rehabilitate his flailing brand, Tiger Woods has announced plans to return to golf next month at the Masters Tournament. Will he be able to hit his brand out of the rough?

Tiger Announces His Return, and CBS Stock Roars

Almost every person or organization who benefits financially from professional golf was probably seriously miffed about Tiger Woods' infidelity scandal. But after his announcement Tuesday that he would be returning to golf at the Masters, at least one company must be doing a victory dance: CBS.

Tiger's Real Test Comes Only After the Hype Fades

Some media reports claim Woods's return will generate ratings to equal the Super Bowl. That may be true, but remember that he carries a golf club and not a magic wand. Interest in Woods's return will likely fade over time. Only then will we know how durable his value really is.

Gatorade Loses Its Taste for Tiger Woods

It looks like Gatorade wasn't too impressed by the abject apology Tiger Woods offered the world last week regarding his affairs. The sports drink brand has ended its sponsorship of the world's top golfer. It was largely thanks to such endorsements that Woods became the first athlete to earn $1 billion.

Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence Against Men

Amid the media frenzy over Tiger Woods, a key aspect was overlooked: He was not alone as a male victim of domestic violence. And beyond its physical and psychological costs, domestic violence against men exacts an economic toll.

What Tiger Can Learn from Charlie

Charlie Sheen's domestic troubles may have taking the tabloids' glaring eye off Tiger Woods, but it won't help the golfer much. Sheen may emerge from the doghouse quickly, but Tiger's in for a long slog: The difference between them? Sheen, for all his well-known flaws, is simply more likable.

How Tiger Woods Shook the Tabloids Off His Tail

More than two years ago, a photographer for the National Enquirer caught Tiger Woods in a liaison in a church parking lot with a woman who was not his wife. But the magazine never published the photos, and used them to gain access to the golfer instead.

Elin May Dump Tiger -- and Get Picked Up by Puma

Things appear to be moving quickly in the saga of Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin. The result could be that she sets Tiger free -- for a price: She gets up to $300 million and own sponsorship deal, and he goes back to playing golf -- and playing the field.