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The Big Money's Ledbetter Lands at Thomson Reuters

James Ledbetter, the founding editor of the recently-shuttered business news website The Big Money, has landed a new gig. Ledbetter is headed to Thomson Reuters, where he'll editor in charge of

Slate Group Shrinks:
Will It Cut The Root Next?

Of three Slate spin-off sites launched in 2008, two have already folded. But there's reason to the The Root, a site for African-American audiences, will succeed where its siblings failed.

Reality Check for Tablet Market Projections

At a conference about the future of tablets, analysts and media companies alike made bold predictions about how the devices will revolutionize the marketplace. Yet, with the market-leading iPad out a mere two months, it doesn't seem like any of the projections carry much weight.

Will Social News be Huffpo's Beacon?

Is it important to you to know what news articles your friends and acquaintances are looking at -- important enough that you're willing to have them...