3 Financial Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep

2012 may not be the year you strike it rich, but you can make it the year you start making smarter financial decisions using the technology at your fingertips. Start with these three small moves that can save you some serious money.

Nearly One in Three Young Adults Texts While Driving

A new study has found an alarming number of young drivers still text while driving: 63% of drivers under the age of 30 reported using a handheld phone while driving in the past 30 days, and 30% of them texted while driving during the same period.

Handset Use in Cars Kills 16,000

Sixteen thousand people died between 2001 and 2007 due to distracted driving involving the use of handsets for voice or text communications,...

T-Mobile Hit With Lawsuit for Blocking Marijuana Texts

One day after a digital startup vowed to drop T-Mobile over a forthcoming fee hike, another texting company has sued T-Mobile for blocking its service. The reason? Apparently T-Mobile "did not approve" of a company called EZ Texting, which does business with a website that provides information on the location of legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

New Technology Could Let Drivers Verbally Update Facebook Page

OnStar, a unit of General Motors that provides in-car safety and communications, unveiled new services that may allow drivers to verbally update their Facebook page and send text messages. The new services would read the driver%u2019s Facebook news feed out loud and let them update their status with audio recordings, OnStar said in a statement. The new technology would also read out text messages, and let the driver verbally select a preset response.

Do You Sleep with Your Cell Phone? Most Americans Do

A new study by the Pew Research Center found, not surprisingly, a growing number of Americans are using cell phones. What is surprising, however, is that most of these cell phone users bring their devices to bed with them, too.

Can Digital-Age Teens Still Talk to Analog Parents?

With social networking transforming the way people relate to each other, some fear technology "generation gaps" are increasing. Yet just as Mick Jagger's lips didn't end Western Civilization, I argue that texting, twittering and blogging will only increase connections between people and generations.

Twitter Seeks New Skills: Money Making

Twitter has big dreams for 2010, with speculation ranging from an acquisition to an IPO. But the company%u2019s major challenge is still bringing in revenue, so now, the microblogging service is looking to hire people who specialize in making money.

Y r txt mssgs so shrt? Nt wht u think

The only people who don't know about text messages these days are 90-year-olds and infants. Even if you don't use the feature, it is available on...

Makover needed: Cell phone plans

The cellular service world is a prime candidate for a makeover; the limited unlimited plans and the prorating and charging for texts and calls you...