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Tesla's Shiny New Stock
Runs Out of Juice

Electric car maker Tesla's Roadster has amazing acceleration, but the rise and fall of the company's stock after its high-profile IPO was even faster. Tesla debuted on the public market last week at $17 a share and shot up 79% to $30.42 in two days. Now, it's back below the IPO price.

Tesla IPO: A Good Start, But Don't Expect Too Much

It sure got off to a rubber-burning start on a dreadful day for stocks. But how does it stack up? Other IPOs have raised more money this year, and Tesla's jump isn't the biggest. The warning: Many others have dropped since day one.

The UAW's Bob King: Out to Repair an Image Problem

Elected president of United Auto Workers union on June 16, King must reintroduce the union to the many Americans who have an unfavorable view of unions. Then, there's the matter of rebuilding membership by targeting foreign makers' U.S. plants.

Tesla Promises to Charge Up the IPO Market

IPOs have been pretty tame so far this year, but here comes a much-buzzed-about offering from Tesla, featuring supersexy electric vehicles, like the Model S, and Elon Musk -- a CEO who's so far making far more headlines than cars.

The Tesla Effect: What's Charging Up This Electric Car

Tesla Motors IPO announcement has attracted many skeptics. But take a look at how Tesla's sleek sports car has fired up the imagination of Silicon Valley's wealthy. This excitement bodes very well for the electric-car maker's success.

Tesla's IPO: No Profit,
No Product, No Problem

The luxury electric-car maker, which just got a $465 million government loan, has filed to go public. And its IPO filing is eyebrow-raising. It reveals, for instance, that Chairman and CEO Elon Musk "does not devote his full time and attention to Tesla."

Tesla Motors turns a surprise profit

Silicon Valley electronic car darling Tesla Motors banked a profit of $1 million in July, based on $20 million in revenues brought in through...