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Oracle Wants to Buy Semiconductor, Software Companies

Oracle Corp. (ORCL) wants to buy semiconductor companies and the makers of industry-specific software, CEO Larry Ellison said. Oracle has bought more than 65 companies in the last five years. Adding chipmakers would help the company develop its presence in the market for computer hardware.

Microsoft Ups Dividend, Plans to Sell Debt

Microsoft (MSFT) upped its quarterly dividend to 16 cents a share from 13 cents a share, an increase of 23%. The new dividend represents an annual dividend yield of 2.5%, TheStreet reported. Microsoft had not raised its dividend in two years.

Smartphone of the Future Will Read Your Moods, Intel Says

The smartphone of the future will be able to react to your moods, Intel Chief Technology officer Justin Rattner predicts. The phone of the future could use microphones, cameras and heart monitors to measure their user%u2019s moods and offer advice, Rattner said at a conference in San Francisco, Reuters reported.

Microsoft to Unveil New Version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will unveil its new version of Internet Explorer as it tries to stem losses in the browser%u2019s market share. Microsoft will unveil the test version of Internet Explorer 9 in San Francisco, Bloomberg News reported. The new version will load pages faster and support HTML 5 technology.

Suitors May Be Calling on Polycom

Polycom is a big player in a small but growing tech market: corporate videoconferencing systems. It develops and makes video-, voice-, data- and Web-conferencing equipment systems. But what adds spice to the stock is its potential as an attractive takeover target.

Hewlett-Packard to Purchase 3Par for $2.35 Billion

Technology company Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) will purchase utility storage company 3Par Inc (PAR) for $2.35 billion or $33 a share. The agreement between the two companies ends 3Par%u2019s merger agreement with chip-maker Dell Inc. (DELL), with 3Par agreeing to pay Dell $72 million as a termination fee.

Emulex: Why This Tech Stock Could Rise Again

The potential for impressive growth of its server adaptor products is acknowledged even by its larger rivals, including Broadcom, which tried, unsuccessfully, to acquire Emulex last year.

Some Big-Name Tech Stocks Look Temptingly Cheap

In this uncertain market, investors are shying away from the usually risky techs, but that has left several promising companies with low valuations. Here's a look at some of the top names in tech that could offer a rare opportunity.

AMD's Earnings Follow Intel, With a Solid 45% Jump

Not to be shown up by rival Intel's (INTC) blockbuster earnings this week, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Thursday reported a second-quarter 45% net income increase. The chipmaker's strong earnings signals a return to the product demand for PCs and services, and overall technology spending.

With Businesses Buying PCs Again, Dell Could Prosper

After PC buying stalled during the recession, it's time again to replace those old machines. Such buying kicked in during the second quarter, and it's buoying expectations that Dell's sales and earnings growth will regain badly needed vigor.

Microsoft May Make New Round of Job Cuts

Microsoft may make a new round of job cuts, according to Seattle technology news site Tech Flash. The technology giant may axe workers as soon as tomorrow, Tech Flash reported without naming its sources. The company often adjusts its product teams at the start of the new fiscal year.

Stumbling Venture Capital Harms Startups

A lot more money could be flowing to promising startups. But it's not because some investors are disgruntled about VC's high risk, low returns, and scarcity of ways to cash out. And in the absence of a new wave of big tech innovation, investors have little incentive to part with their cash.

The Tough Choice Facing SAP's New Leaders

With results lagging, the software giant just replaced its CEO. That could mean a hard look at costs might be unavoidable because expenses are way out of line compared to those of rivals such as Microsoft and Google. And that means layoffs may be looming.

The Tech Sector May Be Getting Its Mojo Back

Cisco's positive earnings reflected a broader good news story among technology companies, which seem to be enjoying a recovery. During the second quarter, the networking gear maker's revenue climbed to $9.8 billion -- up 8% from the year-ago quarter. But will the tech rebound last?

A Fog Surrounds Amazon's 'Cloud Computing' Effort

For the past few years, the Amazon Web Services unit, which allows other companies to rent Amazon's tech infrastructure, has been a major business. Too bad nobody knows how much it earns, or how much Amazon spends on it. Why won't the online giant say?

Back to 14,000 for the Dow?

%u201CWe will hit 14,000, perhaps not in a year, but probably in a couple of years,%u201D says Robert Doll, vice chairman and global chief investment officer at BlackRock, one of the world%u2019s largest asset management companies. Here's his thinking.