Mark Zuckerberg to Speak At Disrupt SF

With its mobile business humming, what's Facebook focused on now? Well, Mark Zuckerberg's got some big ideas he'll share Sept. 11 at TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

Investing Made Simple: More Options for Small Investors

When it comes to investing your hard-earned cash, today's marketplace offers more options than ever for small investors. But the key to success lies in sticking to a few basic principles -- and avoiding the irrational behaviors that plague our financial lives.

Facebook Comments: Not the End of Anonymity, Just a Blow for Civility

In the wake of popular blog TechCrunch's adoption of Facebook's Comments plug-in to control the virulent, useless and nasty comments on its site, the Internet has erupted with screeds about the death of anonymity. But DailyFinance columnist Alex Salkever isn't worried -- he's relieved.

Layoffs or Not, Yahoo's Struggles May Be Mounting

Yahoo has denied reports of an impeding 20% cut, but the controversy raises the question of whether the company's fourth-quarter performance and year-end results are shaping where it expects to be. One thing to watch for the holidays: The ratio of paid ads to Yahoo house ads.

AOL Buys Silicon Valley Website TechCrunch

AOL, the parent company of DailyFinance, has agreed to purchase TechCrunch, a top news blog covering Silicon Valley and tech startups. The deal was announced by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington (pictured) on Tuesday morning.

Crooked Angels: Top Tech Investors Accused of Collusion

A top Silicon Valley blogger has leveled explosive charges at some of the most influential angel investors in technology, alleging they are engaged in a conspiracy to collude and fix price levels for early-stage investments. At least two of the investors involved have denied Arrington's account.

Facebook Acquires Instant Messengers Hot Potato

Facebook has acquired interest-based instant messaging service Hot Potato, a move that's expected to bolster its recently announced plans to offer a location-based service. Are you listening, Foursquare?

Britney Spears, Obama Twitter Hacker Caught

In addition to allegedly hacking the big-name Twitter accounts, the 25-year-old who lives with his parents is also believed to have leaked over 300 confidential Twitter documents to TechCrunch, the tech blog.