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Government Investigating HSBC Clients for Tax Evasion

The Justice Department is investigating HSBC (HBC) clients who may have failed to disclose information about accounts held in India and Singapore, Bloomberg News reported, without naming its sources. At least one client received a letter from the Justice Department saying the department had reason to believe they held accounts overseas without reporting them to the IRS. The letter did not mention HSBC.

Casino Jack Abramoff Pitching Pizza in Baltimore

Freshly sprung from a minimum-security prison after completing most of a four-year sentence for fraud, tax evasion, and bribing public officials, former lobbyist Jack Abramoff now lives in a halfway house and toils in the back office at Tov Pizza, a kosher pizzeria in Baltimore.

Five UBS Clients Indicted for Tax Evasion

Five clients of Swiss bank UBS received criminal indictments for tax evasion Thursday in what may ultimately become a dragnet of sorts for those caught up in the overseas asset concealing scandal, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Two others are expected to plead guilty.

UBS Deal in Doubt, But IRS Already Has What It Needs

Swiss bank UBS may not have to turn over the names of 4,450 clients to the IRS after a Swiss court ruled that failing to file an U.S. W-9 isn't tax fraud. But the threat alone may have gotten the IRS a bigger prize: Data from the thousands of delinquent taxpayers who came forward during the recent tax amnesty.

"Blade" files appeal in Atlanta

Wesley SnipesThe Wesley Snipes show was back in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia. The actor, however, was noticeably absent as his attorneys did the talking.


Is the taxman Facebook-stalking you?


Just when you thought the only people you had to worry about offending with your Facebook profile were prospective employers, parents, and creepy...

UBS: Four ways to woo a tax cheat

Maybe there just isn't a mattress big enough to stuff that kind of cash. But that's where thousands of UBS's millionaire clients are likely wishing...