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Facebook Privacy: 3 Features You Can Use to Avoid Oversharing

When it comes to social media companies, remember: You aren't the customer. You're the product. Those firms are collecting all the data about their users they can, so they can sell businesses micro-targeted access to you. Want to avoid some of that? Start with these three steps.

TV That Watches You: Tech Giants Are Patenting a Creepy Future

How much privacy are you willing to give up? Imagine a gadget in your den that knows if you're arguing with your spouse. Or a device that blocks an R-rated show when a child enters the room. Based on their patent applications, Microsoft and Verizon have plans for just such technology.

Want to Protect Your Online Privacy? Too Late

Recently, companies have begun to ask potential employees to hand over their Facebook passwords, and the backlash has been loud, widespread and angry. Too bad we hardly have any online privacy left to save.

The true cost of online privacy

Do you like your privacy? I bet you do. What about being able to read all kinds of stuff on the internet without having to hand over your credit card...