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Swine Flu Response Wasn't Influenced by Vaccine Makers

During the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, much criticism was leveled at World Health Organization officials, accusing their response of being too heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. But according to a panel of independent experts, that wasn't the case.

Novavax Gets a Federal Grant for Developing Its Novel Flu Vaccine

Novavax has landed a lucrative flu-vaccine contract with the U.S. government. It's worth $97 million over the first three years, and it can be extended for an additional two years, for a total contract value of $179.1 million. The technology could prove to be a lifesaver.

Want H1N1 vaccine? Rob a bank

My family has been trying for weeks to get the H1N1 vaccine but the few clinics that have been held around the Milwaukee area have been mobbed.


H1N1 improving the economy

Emergency rooms and doctor's offices are flooded with phone calls and patients related to the swine flu. For instance, four hospitals in Onondaga...

H1N1 vaccine needed? Good luck

It was confirmed a world wide pandemic almost six months ago, and a national medical emergency last week, but where are the shots for the H1N1...

Swine flu scams in full swing

fluFrom an ultraviolet light that will supposedly "destroy swine flu virus" to a dietary supplement claiming to be "more effective than the swine flu...