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10 Tips on How to Be a Successful Scalper

In a shaky economy, you might be tempted to moonlight as a scalper for extra cash. Brittany Menard, author of "The Ticket Broker Guide," offers 10 tips to help you do it right. Here's what you need to know to conquer the ticket trade part time.

Another Rough Summer Ahead for Teen Jobs

Teens hoping for employment this summer aren't likely to find the job market much better than last year, when teenage job seekers experienced the weakest seasonal market in decades.

Teen unemployment continues to rise

While flipping burgers or manning a cash register during one's teen years is a rite of passage shared by many of today's adults, it's possible that...

How teens can get jobs this summer

The current economic malaise has made this a difficult job market. It's especially tough for teens because the consumer is especially weak -- and...