subprime meltdown

Occupy Our Homes Targets Banks Over Mortgage Mess

A spin-off group from Occupy Wall Street, called Occupy Our Homes, has formed to reverse and stop foreclosures. Lately, the group has been using creative tactics to raise awareness about the banking practices that led to the housing bubble.

The Financial Landscape: OPEC Quotas and 'Too Big to Fail'

The theme for Thursday is big players adjusting to a changing world: Citigroup is shutting down a major hedge fund it used for soon-to-be-banned proprietary trading, Goldman has been subpoenaed over its role in the subprime mortgage crisis, and OPEC is thinking that it might need to pump more oil.

Has WikiLeaks Rumor Made Bank of America a Buy?

When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted that his next big leak would involve documents from a major unnamed bank, investors in Bank of America got nervous and the stock has been on bumpy ride. The question now is: Have the WikiLeaks worries made BofA shares a better buy?

Mozilo in Settlement Talks With SEC on Fraud Charges

Angelo Mozilo, the former CEO of Countrywide Financial, is in talks with the SEC about a possible deal that could let him avoid standing trial for fraud charges, The Wall Street Journal said. Talks between Mozilo, two other former executives and the SEC seem to be moving towards a settlement, The Wall Street Journal said without naming its sources. A status conference has been ordered for today, which could signal a new development in the suit.

UBS Will Not Take Legal Action Over Subprime Losses

Switzerland%u2019s UBS (UBS) will not take legal action against former employees for racking up the massive losses on subprime mortgages that left the company needing a bailout. Kaspar Villiger, the UBS chairman, said that company was looking to the future, according to The Associated Press.

Goldman Sued by German Bank Over Mortgage-Backed Securities

Goldman Sachs Group (GS) was sued by German bank Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg for allegedly mis-representing the credit quality of its mortgage-backed securities. The German bank ended up posting a $37 million loss on the investment.

Legal Briefing: Big Banks Are Getting Sued by Big Plaintiffs

Some of Wall Street's financial titans are facing lawsuits from equally formidable foes: Billionaire Len Blavatnick is suing JPMorgan Chase for losing $100 million of his money in subprime mortgages, and Norway is suing Citigroup for misrepresenting its financial condition to boost its stock price.

Former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo Must Face Trial

Angelo Mozilo, former CEO of Countrywide Financial Corp., must face trial on charges he misled investors about the risks associated with subprime lending, a judge in Los Angeles ruled. U.S. District Judge John F. Walter denied requests from Mozilo and two other former Countrywide executives for a ruling that there were no genuine issues to be tried, Bloomberg News said.

The Gurus Predict Inflation ... and Deflation: Who's Right?

The smart money is placing its bets outside of the stock market, but it can't agree about the direction of those bets. Hedge funds are doubling down on inflation by buying gold. Institutions are buying corporate bonds -- a wager on deflation. Should you follow them? And if so, which way?