Helicopter Parents, Honor Deflation and the U.S. Economy

Pundits constantly lament the state of the U.S. economy, but it's our human capital that we should be worried about. Our young people are being ill-prepared for the workplace, and getting some very strange signals from both schools and parents about what it means to be "the best."

Do U.S. Students' Scores Really Matter?

The popular narrative in the world of higher education is that American students aren't being taught as rigorously as those in other countries, and we're falling behind. But do the scores of high school students on math and science tests really matter for the nation's long-term economic outlook?

How College Students Stand Out to Employers: Work

As the labor pool grows increasingly crowded with freshly-minted graduates, employers have their pick of young talent -- and it appears that they are picking the ones who have already proven themselves in the workplace.

iPad Textbooks: Will Cool Tech Win on Campus?

If there's one thing college students hate more than going to class without a laptop or smartphone, it's paying full price for a $400 textbook they'll barely crack. But although the iPad will be pricey, it may usher a new age of digital textbook adoption to campus.

College fun on the cheap

Last week when I covered how much money college students need for personal items and entertainment, I alluded to the countless options for having fun...