What It Takes to Get Your Hands
on an iPad

Here's a healthy dose of reality for all of those iPad lusters out there who didn't pre-order the device weeks ago: Either prepare to wait or prepare to pay up. As with any hot product that just hits store shelves, there will be lines and there will be people who are trying to make a buck.

Find way out of mall with iPhone app

A new free iPhone app, Point Inside, solves almost all of my major annoyances with visiting a big mall: knowing where I am, where the store I want to...

E-commerce spending picks up speed

E-commerce sales for the holiday are doing so well that it is almost certain they will post a gain for the holiday season. According to Comscore,...

Gift cards deals to die for

To give, or not to give a gift card? No matter how impersonal it may seem, this holiday season it's a proposition that will be hard to resist....