stocks vs. bonds

Time to Switch From Bonds
to Stocks?

Some investment strategists say it's unwise to "fight the Fed." And right now, Chairman Bernanke wants investors to move into riskier assets, particularly stocks. But these strategists also point to pitfalls if investors aren't careful about how they shift assets.

The Treasury Bond Bubble: A Survival Guide for Investors

With more big names raising concerns about overheated T-bonds, what's an investor with a Treasury-heavy portfolio to do? Some ideas: Consider corporate bonds or perhaps stick with government debt, but only short-term securities.

Stocks vs. Bonds: What's Better in a Rocky Market?

Interest rates are falling for Treasury bonds, beloved for their safety and steady payout. The stock market is wobbling, and equity prices may fall further if the economy continues to weaken. What's an investor supposed to do now?