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Fantasy Football and Investing: How to Win

There are now tens of millions of fantasy football players, hoping that dissecting the latest details on Peyton Manning's neck or the quarterback situation in Jacksonville will give them an edge over other friends in their leagues. Sounds a lot like investing, doesn't it?

What Are the Winning Sectors to Invest in Now?

During the first quarter, it seemed cyclical companies would rule the roost in 2011. How things have changed! Defensive stocks have come roaring back. Oil is well off its highs, and growth estimates are coming down in the U.S. and China. In that context, how do you want to position your portfolio?

SAP Knows: You Spend Money to Make Money

SAP showed healthy revenue growth in its recently announced first quarter earnings, but operating profits increased by far less. Why? Because the company is putting more money into operating expenses and R&D, which sets it up for bigger profits in the longer term.

Daily Blogwatch: This Week's Best iPhone Apps

Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web, including posts about the top iPhone apps (at least this week), the Standard & Poor's 500 index's climb, the argument for going short and why stocks may be in a bubble.

Daily Blogwatch: Is Apple Too Big to Succeed?

Among today's top online stories for investors are Bill Miller's holdings; at 20% of the Nasdaq 100, is Apple too big to fail; 14 things that are getting cheaper; and anti-terrorism stock picks in time for July 4.

Can Real-Time Web Lead To Real Returns for Investors?

The purchase of investment blog Abnormal Returns by Twitter-like Stocktwits may signal a new trend in online finance: It's called the real-time Web. Investors can get an instant snapshot of the sentiment of other investing pros by joining an immediate and constant online conversion.