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How to Pick the Best Stocks: CEO Candor Predicts Performance

When smart investors consider a stock, they look at profit margins, revenue growth, and a raft of ratios to decide if it's a good buy. But beyond those measurements, here's a subtle and simple guideline that can give you real insight about a company's prospects: How honest is its management?

Why Activision Blizzard Will Never Be Great Again

Yes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 posted a new sales record last week. But Activision Blizzard just can't keep a hold on fickle gamers. Guitar Hero hit a high note, then went silent, and now World of Warcraft is losing population fast.

Decent Earnings Mask Weak Revenue Growth

As results roll in, earnings are beating expectations, but behind them lie lackluster revenue growth as the economy's slowdown takes hold. So despite upbeat analysts, investors should be vigilant about earnings quality and sustainability.

Can Stocks Chalk Up Another Winning Week?

It sure didn't feel good getting here, but Wall Street kicks off on Monday on a two-week winning streak. It's enough to make even a bear like Peter Costa, president of Empire Executions, say he's encouraged by the market's resilience.

Will 2011 Earnings Set Records? Don't Bet On It

The irrational despondence that set in during the grips of the downturn is now giving way to an unfounded exuberance. The most concrete signal that Wall Street is again looking at the world through rose-colored glasses: Analysts expect S&P 500 companies to rack up record earnings increases next year.