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U.S. Stock Markets Closed on Presidents Day

The global economy is a perpetual motion machine, but U.S. stock markets do take breaks: In addition to the weekends, there are nine holidays on which the stock exchange is shuttered. Here's the list for 2013, as well as the surprising history of Presidents Day.

SEC Requires Uniform System for U.S. Stock Exchanges

U.S. stock exchanges and markets must establish a uniform system for tracking all orders and trades under an SEC rule approved Wednesday. The change should make it easier for the government to investigate market disruptions like the 2010 Flash Crash.

Does It Matter That a German Exchange May Control the NYSE?

The fabled New York Stock Exchange isn't what it used to be. Today's NYSE Euronext has lost a huge volume of trading to upstart computerized exchanges in recent years, and scandals have tarnished its luster. Now, Germany's Deutsche Boerse wants to buy control of it. I say: "Sell!"

New SEC Rules May Do More Harm Than Good

The SEC's decision to leave exchange-traded funds out of proposed new circuit breaker rules designed to avoid a repetition of the May 6 stock market "flash crash" may do more harm than good.

How the New SEC Circuit Breakers Are Wired

Under the SEC proposal, any S&P 500 stock that experiences a 10% swing within five minutes would receive a timeout, and trading in that stock would pause for five minutes across all domestic equity markets. That last point is key.