The Hidden Cost of Big Wall Street Bonuses to Society

Though most Americans wish that Congress would rein in excessive pay on Wall Street, that won't happen while the huge campaign contributions keep flowing. And the financial industry's big money shell game drains away something more precious from our society than money -- it siphons off talent.

What Will Obama's Tax
Deal Do for Investors?

The biggest question many investors have about President Obama's compromise tax cut deal is how it will benefit the economy. But so far, there is little agreement on Wall Street about what the stimulative effects of the deal will be.mong the watchers on Wall Street about what the stimulative effects of the deal will be.

How Many Jobs Will Obama-GOP Tax Cut Deal Create?

The tax cut compromise between Obama and the GOP is now being touted as a back-door stimulus plan, one that some economists predict will create or save 3.1 million jobs. Unfortunately, the model on which those forecasts are based makes some flawed assumptions.

Daily Blogwatch: Is Google a Monopoly?

Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web, including posts evaluating how consumers spend their money, whether Google could be considered a monopoly and the debate about the Fed's policy on quantitative easing.

Stimulus Program Sent Checks to 89,000 Dead, Incarcerated People

The federal government sent out checks to 89,000 dead or incarcerated people in 2009 as part of the $814 billion stimulus program, a watchdog reported. One component of the stimulus plan was the distribution of $13 billion by the Social Security Administration, The Washington Post said. The money was to go to 52 million eligible beneficiaries in checks of $250 each.

House Republicans Unveil Election Manifesto

Republicans in the House of Representatives promised to end "job-killing tax hikes" and repeal the health reform law as part of their campaign manifesto for the November election. In their "Pledge to America," House Republicans also say they will ban federal funding for abortion, cancel any unspent stimulus funding, and try suspected terrorists in military courts, The New York Daily News said.

White House Fights Back on Stimulus Spending

The White House fought back against criticisms of the $814 billion stimulus plan, with a new report that highlights job-creating projects including bridges, roads and cancer research. Vice President Joe Biden is releasing a report Friday called "100 Recovery Act Projects That Are Changing America," The Associated Press reported. The report points to projects it says are creating employment and boosting economic growth.

Obama Not Considering Second Stimulus Package

The Obama administration is not considering a second stimulus package as it seeks ways to jump-start the flagging U.S. economy. Obama said Monday that he is considering measures including tax cuts for businesses and investments in infrastructure and clean energy in a bid to lower the U.S. unemployment rate, Reuters reported.

Stimulus Helped the Economy, but It Won't Matter in November

Economists say the Obama administration's stimulus program actually saved the country's economy from plunging into the Great Depression 2.0. Yet that news will likely fail to sway voters who believe the current administration didn't do enough to support the economy.

Hiring Is Up, Yet Americans Remain Skeptical About Jobs

The Obama administration emphasizes the positive -- that jobs are being saved and slowly created. Critics and most Americans, however, see a still-dire employment picture. In this case, both sides are right. But Washington (Dems and the GOP) clearly still has a lot of work to do to get Americans back on the job.

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