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Daily Blogwatch: Is Google a Monopoly?

Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web, including posts evaluating how consumers spend their money, whether Google could be considered a monopoly and the debate about the Fed's policy on quantitative easing.

D.C. Power Couple Tells Solar Confab How to Pitch to GOP

Republicans can be friendly to solar energy -- just don't use the terms "recovery act" or "stimulus package" when lobbying them for government subsidies. That was the message from GOP political adviser Mary Matalin at the largest solar conference in the country on Thursday.

Stimulus Helped the Economy, but It Won't Matter in November

Economists say the Obama administration's stimulus program actually saved the country's economy from plunging into the Great Depression 2.0. Yet that news will likely fail to sway voters who believe the current administration didn't do enough to support the economy.

Stimulus Spending: Less Argument, More Action

The academic tussle over stimulus spending is a sign that the Establishment has run out of ideas about how to turn around a limping economy. America needs effective policy responses now -- not a raging battle in ivory towers.

Why Politics Makes It Hard to Fix the Banks

Banks are not the enemy. Although many imperfections exist in our financial system, turning banks into a target or a tool for recovery will end poorly. Over time, things will work out in the absence of counterproductive, even if well-intentioned, meddling.

Stimulus Funds for Tennis Courts Divide Montana

Montana's governor calls the city of Bozeman's approval of nearly $50,000 in stimulus funds to repair tennis courts a misuse of government funds. But the rugged Western town volleys back that putting people to work -- and getting children outdoors -- is just what the money is for.

Bogus stimulus offer snags suspects

The federal stimulus project isn't going as far as offering free money for doing nothing, but some accused criminals must have thought they could get...

Many stimulus requests simply silly

The lines are forming at the stimulus trough, and the definition of 'shovel-ready' has proven to be amazingly broad and sometimes outright silly. The...

Stimulus Checks: Did You Get YOURS?

Today's July retail sales report shows what we've been saying for some time--people seem to be spending their government stimulus checks on...