stimulus bill

White House Fights Back on Stimulus Spending

The White House fought back against criticisms of the $814 billion stimulus plan, with a new report that highlights job-creating projects including bridges, roads and cancer research. Vice President Joe Biden is releasing a report Friday called "100 Recovery Act Projects That Are Changing America," The Associated Press reported. The report points to projects it says are creating employment and boosting economic growth.

Obama Not Considering Second Stimulus Package

The Obama administration is not considering a second stimulus package as it seeks ways to jump-start the flagging U.S. economy. Obama said Monday that he is considering measures including tax cuts for businesses and investments in infrastructure and clean energy in a bid to lower the U.S. unemployment rate, Reuters reported.

Stimulus Helped the Economy, but It Won't Matter in November

Economists say the Obama administration's stimulus program actually saved the country's economy from plunging into the Great Depression 2.0. Yet that news will likely fail to sway voters who believe the current administration didn't do enough to support the economy.

'Dr. Doom': 40% Chance of a Double-Dip

Like many economists, Roubini predicts that second-quarter gross domestic product growth will be revised down to an a annual rate of 1.2% from an initial reading of 2.4%. Additionally, a "series of tailwinds in the first half of the year ... are going to be essentially headwinds" in the second half. He now pegs the chances of a "double dip" recession at 40%.

The State of the Union
Will Depend on Jobs

During his address Wednesday night, look for President Obama to focus on solutions for problem No. 1: The lack of jobs. Employment growth will determine not just the economy's fate, but also that of the Democratic majorities in Congress -- and possibly of Obama's presidency.