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The Consequences of Dying Without a Will

Millions of Americans don't have wills, never considering the consequences of their actions on those who'll survive them. But getting a will in place need not be complicated.

Amazon's 'Most Popular' and 'Most Wished-For' for 2010

A lot of music fans this year asked for Taylor Swift (pictured) but got Susan Boyle, while some Inception fans probably got Blind Side-ed. Otherwise, people pretty much got what they wanted in 2010, according to an Amazon (AMZN) poll released on Dec. 30.

Random House, Hachette Cash In on Bestsellers

Two of the largest publishing houses -- Random House and Hachette -- have demonstrated again that when authors like Stephenie Meyer or Stieg Larsson become big phenomenons, big sales -- and big profits -- are the result. But when a phenomenon starts to wane, red ink can start creeping into the black.