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Why Apple's Stock Value Is Underpriced

Apple has been on fire, posting its best quarter ever with unabated iPhone growth and the iPad holding off all tablet challengers. Apple's stock, however, is cool, trailing the broader market and trading at historically cheap levels. But is that a danger sign, or an opportunity?

Apple After Steve Jobs? Disney May Hold a Clue

To get a better idea how Apple might fare without Steve Jobs's leadership, it's helpful to look at another American company that decades ago lost its iconic CEO -- Walt Disney Co. After Walt passed away in 1966, his company didn't miss a step -- at least not for several years. . .

iPad 2: Don't Expect Apple's Stock to Pop

Apple is expected to unveil the new version of its popular iPad on Wednesday, but investors shouldn't hold their breath for a huge pop in the tech giant's stock price after the debut. The reason: History shows there's a big difference in how the markets greet Apple's revolutions versus its evolutions.

Apple Investors Aren't Stressed About Succession

At the company's annual shareholders' meeting, investors rejected a proposal by the Central Laborers' Pension Fund, which called for Apple's board of directors to establish guidelines for adopting and disclosing a written CEO succession policy.

Why Jobs's Absence May Not Keep Apple Shares Down Long

Twice before the iconic CEO had to leave the company in others' hands, and if that history is any guide, Apple investors may see the stock price do well once again in his absence -- providing they can handle the pain of the drop long enough to enjoy the recovery.

Apple Stock to Plunge on Steve Jobs News?

It's still unclear exactly what is currently ailing Jobs, but many investors are likely thinking that it does not bode well for the future of Apple. Beyond Tuesday's trading, it will likely be a rocky road for Apple's stock until Jobs's health situation becomes clear.

Apple's Steve Jobs Takes Another Medical Leave

For the second time in two years, the CEO of the consumer tech giant is taking a medical leave of absence to focus on his health. Jobs, a pancreatic cancer survivor, hopes to return as soon as possible and has turned all day-to-day operations over to COO Tim Cook.