state budgets

To Fix Budget Woes, Some States Tell the Tax Man to Get Tougher

A handful of cash-strapped states are getting aggressive about collecting every tax owed -- hiring more collectors, hounding scofflaws and exploiting corners of their tax laws that haven't been enforced in years -- all to avoid doing one painful thing: officially raising taxes.

The True Cost of State Sales Tax Holidays

As states grapple with huge budget deficits, 17 of them are eliminating sales taxes for back-to-school shoppers. But are sales tax holidays really a good value for consumers? Experts discuss the true costs of the programs and some of the alternatives.

Debt-Ceiling Law: States Brace for Another Hit

The debt-ceiling discussions may be over, but the fallout for states is just starting. Many states, still struggling to recover to pre-recession levels, have depended on federal money to make up their shortfalls. As the flow of money slows, which states will take the biggest hits?

Jackpot! States With Biggest Lottery Payouts

Lotteries are big businesses in most states, and they can provide windfalls for both the winning ticket-holders and state coffers. But which states give the most back to ticket-holders and through government services?

New Jersey Joins the Draconian Budget Parade

Gov. Chris Christie's first budget aims to close an $11 billion shortfall -- and it ain't pretty. The fight over it will be vicious, even considering the rough-and-tumble nature of Jersey politics.

For States, the Worst Deficits Are Yet to Come

A National Governors Association report based on findings from 45 state treasurers shows that states, despite having made deep expense cuts, face widening budget gaps in the coming years. In 2011, total deficits in those 45 states are predicted to reach $53.6 billion.