Tesla's Shiny New Stock
Runs Out of Juice

Electric car maker Tesla's Roadster has amazing acceleration, but the rise and fall of the company's stock after its high-profile IPO was even faster. Tesla debuted on the public market last week at $17 a share and shot up 79% to $30.42 in two days. Now, it's back below the IPO price.

Should the U.S. Tax Firms for Shipping Jobs Overseas?

Intel co-founder Andy Grove has an interesting proposal to induce U.S. firms to rebuild the nation's manufacturing base and boost our employment: Tax companies for every job they offshore, and reinvest the funds in companies that create jobs here.

How to Restart America's Innovation Engine

Harvard Business School professor William Sahlman believes startup capital is out there, waiting for the right ideas, entrepreneurs and companies. But if America is to reattain the level of startup creation it enjoyed in the 1990s, he thinks two specific things need to happen.

Stumbling Venture Capital Harms Startups

A lot more money could be flowing to promising startups. But it's not because some investors are disgruntled about VC's high risk, low returns, and scarcity of ways to cash out. And in the absence of a new wave of big tech innovation, investors have little incentive to part with their cash. Turns Anyone Into a Product Designer was designed to capture the brilliance of the masses and turn it into killer products. Take the pooper scooper that doesn't require any bending, bowing, scraping or cleaning, for example. The collaborative design site just got a big boost with $6 million in venture capital.

Tech IPO market still dead

With all the stock market frothiness these days and tech stocks like Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) leading the charge, one would think it's high...

To office or not to office

When starting a new business, one of the first decisions to be made is whether or not to rent an office. Obviously, if you're opening a restaurant or...