Virgin Galactic Tests Suborbital Spaceship

Virgin Galactic, which aims to be the world%u2019s first commercial space carrier, successfully tested its suborbital spaceship, Enterprise. Enterprise made its first solo test flight in California on Sunday, BBC News reported. The spaceship was carried to 45,000 feet by a plane, then dropped to glide back to earth.

NASA's Main Space Contractor to Lay Off 15% of Workforce

NASA%u2019s main space contractor is laying off 15 percent of its shuttle-related workers, as reductions in the space program bite. United Space Alliance, which handles the day-to-day management of the U.S. space shuttle fleet, will lay off workers in Florida, Alabama and Texas, effective October 1, the company said in a statement. The bulk of the cuts will be concentrated in Florida.

Obama's Plan to Scrap Moon Mission Blasted

President Obama's plan to scrap the Constellation space program designed to send U.S. astronauts to the moon is being blasted by senators from states with heavy space industries. The policy shift reignites questions about the mission of the U.S. space program and the role of private companies in that effort.

Save your budget by "shop-pooling"

When it comes to the bulk-buying ball, I'm a wallflower. I've been to Costco and Sam's Club, of course, but mostly in the way that most people visit...