space shuttle

Free Market to Take Over Space Travel

President Obama presented an overhauled aerospace plan Thursday that will officially mothball NASA's space shuttle program, and put the future of human space travel squarely in the hands of private sector companies. The administration's new free-market approach of designing and operating spacecraft could mean big business for a handful of U.S. companies in what will decidedly be a lucrative new market.

Obama's Plan to Scrap Moon Mission Blasted

President Obama's plan to scrap the Constellation space program designed to send U.S. astronauts to the moon is being blasted by senators from states with heavy space industries. The policy shift reignites questions about the mission of the U.S. space program and the role of private companies in that effort.

NASA Slashes Price for Used Space Shuttles

NASA plans to sell its fleet of space shuttles this fall, when the 30-year old shuttle program is retired in favor of a newer one. But little buyer interest has forced them to drop the price from $40 million each to 28.8 million.