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Is the Internet Killing Your Favorite Restaurant?

Running a restaurant has never been easy, but it's getting harder to succeed these days for eateries that shun the social couponing and new media games. A decade ago, all you needed was a strong concept, a healthy strategy and a few ads in the local paper, but the Internet has changed everything.

New Year Hurdles: Top 10 Challenges for CEOs in 2011

With the recession over -- in a sense, anyway -- some CEOs are just happy to still be standing. After three years of turmoil, there's even cautious optimism about the year ahead. But for those whose job is to steer a company to profits and growth, there are plenty of worries ahead. Here's our list of top CEO challenges for 2011.

Facebook Says Data Broker Was Buying User Info

Facebook said that a data broker has been buying information on users from application developers. Certain Facebook apps were sending users%u2019 Facebook ID numbers to third-party marketing or data firms, violating the site%u2019s privacy policies, The Wall Street Journal said. Companies can use an ID number to look up a user%u2019s name and other information.

Facebook's Zuckerberg Claims Lawsuit Is Probing 'Private Life'

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says a lawsuit by a man who claims to own a majority of the social networking site is attempting to uncover details about his private%u2019s life in order to harass him. Zuckerberg is locked in a legal battle with Paul Ceglia, a resident of Wellsville, New York. Ceglia claims that he owns 84% of the multi-billion dollar company.

Is Twitter Really Profitable?
Do the Math

Recent news of Twitter's profitability may have been hasty. Dig into the numbers, and it becomes increasingly unlikely that Twitter has turned the corner. And, 2010 could be ugly, too.

Social Media Sells Out and Becomes Social Marketing

Though promotional saturation can be the kiss of death for social media platforms, marketers can't resist them. And whether they want to admit it or not, social media sites need the marketers. This week, two top sites -- LinkedIn and Twitter -- are putting their days of purity in the past and offering new tools that meet the needs of corporate marketing departments.