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Why Small Cap Stocks Should Outperform in 2011 [Video]

What kinds of stocks stand to do best in 2011? Hilary Kramer, editor of says that while many are counting on large cap stocks to outperform the market, investors could do better in small cap stocks. Here's why.

It Looks Like
Prime Time for
Small-Cap Stocks

When the economy is weak and the upside for equities is limited, investors typically turn to smaller companies for growth. That dynamic is repeating itself now, as small-cap stocks surge past the sluggish broad market.

Mutual Fund Makes a Fresh Start, Rises to Top

Portfolio manager Brian Stack used the crash of 2008 to revamp the Pioneer Growth Opportunities Fund, and since then, its performance has risen from the bottom of its peer group to the top.

RS Small Cap Growth Returns From the Depths of 2008

After RS Small Cap Growth landed in the worst-in-class category in a rough 2008, portfolio manager Alison Thacker appears to be in the process of dragging it out. How it might fare in other crisis is an open question, but at least it's moving up again now.