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Expense-Report App Gets a $5.7 Million Boost

Silicon Valley VC Redpoint Ventures, which is leading the Series A investment round, is convinced that Expensify co-founder David Barrett's strategy of getting small-biz employees hooked on its expense-report smartphone apps is the key to a huge market.

Obama Calls for Congress to Pass Small-Business Bill

President Barack Obama pushed Congress to pass a package of tax cuts and incentives intended to help small businesses, saying Congress should make such passage a priority when it returns to session next month.

GOP Senators Block Small Business Bill

Senate Republicans blocked a final vote on a bill to provide aid for small businesses Thursday in the latest example of the GOP using procedural tactics to stymie President Barack Obama's election-year agenda. Each side accused the other of turning the issue into a political football.

No Jobs Yet: Execs See Little Hiring Until Next Year

Chief financial officers at U.S. companies are increasingly pessimistic about the job market over the next six to 12 months: Results from two independent surveys say most firms don%u2019t plan to do any significant hiring until 2011 or beyond.

Sam's Club Testing Small-Business Loan Program

Sam's Club and Superior Financial Group are testing an online program to offer loans of $5,000 to $25,000 to qualified members, Sam's Club said in a statement. Sam%u2019s Club and Superior Financial Group are testing an online program to offer loans of $5,000 to $25,000 to qualified members, Sam%u2019s Club said in a statement.

Tax Rule Will Bury Small Businesses in Paperwork

Today, businesses must send 1099 forms to people they pay $600 or more for services rendered. It's a simple way to make sure workers report their income to the IRS. But starting in 2012, businesses will have to send 1099s to other companies too, for virtually every product or service they purchase.

Small Businesses Felt More Upbeat About Economy in May

Not unlike bears emerging from hibernation after a long winter, the nation's small businesses are slowly becoming more optimistic in the prospects for the U.S. economy as the Great Recession winds down. Still, entrepreneurs aren't yet ready to hire more workers or boost spending on new projects, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The Problem With Boycotting BP Gas Stations

American consumers are voicing their disgust with BP the only way they can -- by not buying gas sold under the oil company's name. Despite their good intentions, however, it turns out that independent businesspeople own the vast majority of BP gas stations.

Google Tries to Burnish Its 'Not Evil' Reputation

Google is trying hard to convince people that it still follows its "Don't Be Evil" motto in the wake of monopoly and privacy issues. The search giant just released a report showing it generated $54 billion for U.S. businesses last year.

What America's Start-Ups Need to Get Growing

N.Y. Times op-ed writer Thomas Friedman calls for increasing the number of "high-IQ risk-takers." But jobs will result when entrepreneurs can get the capital they need to start and build successful ventures. And getting that money takes more than just smart people.

The iPad Has Developers Seeing Gold

Entrepreneurs, developers and businesses are looking to cash in on Apple's mobile Midas touch by bringing new iPad accessories and software to market. The cottage industry serving Apple's iPods and iPhones generates an estimated $6 billion to $7 billion in sales annually.

Manure tea bags get constant comment

manure tea bag ladyAnnie Haven's manure tea bags might appear steeped in novelty, but when it comes to brewing up business, the woman knows her you-know-what.


SBA Out of Funds to Facilitate Cheaper Loans

Funding ran out on Friday for a Small Business Administration program that increased loan guarantees and reduced loan fees for two lending programs. This doesn't mean that banks will stop lending, but for now, borrowers will have to accept relatively less-favorable terms.

The Snows of 2010: A Heavy Weight on the Economy

Says one economist: "We will probably lose 0.3% from real GDP growth during the quarter, maybe a bit more depending on lost productivity." Travel and entertainment -- and consumer spending overall -- is likely to suffer. But small businesses probably face the worst of it.

Staples: Now an IT Provider for Small Businesses

The office-products retailer has launched Staples Technology Solutions, a unit that will handle tech products and services for business customers, ranging from computer equipment and printer maintenance to managing all the company's IT needs.

Obama's Budget: Jobs Now, Lower Debt Later

President Obama's budget plan for 2011 includes about $100 billion in spending to address the issues of unemployment and economic weakness. The funds will go to small-business tax cuts, social safety net programs, aid to states, and investments in clean energy and infrastructure.

Five Potential Potholes on Road to Recovery

News that business inventories and industrial production are rising suggests the U.S. economic recovery is on track. But unlike previous recessions, there are five potential "potholes" in the road ahead. Declining employment and increasing commercial real estate foreclosures are two possible biggies.

What Greenspan Sees Next

Greenspan expects jobs "to come back fairly quickly" since frightened businesses cut costs so deeply and can now barely keep up with demand. Still, he warned that unemployment rates could stay high for a while.

Obama Calls for Small Business Tax Breaks

The federal government should give tax breaks to small businesses in order to hasten job creation, President Barack Obama said Tuesday as part of his latest plan to fight stubbornly high unemployment. The president also called for further investments in infrastructure and energy efficiency.