India Takes Aim at Google, Skype and the BlackBerry

Earlier this week, smartphone maker Research In Motion agreed to provide Saudi officials with keys that would enable them to track user messages sent via BlackBerry. Now India wants in. The Indian government has said it might block BlackBerry use unless it, too, can monitor messaging. It has also threatened to curtail the activities of Skype and Google.

Skype Calls Up a $100 Million Initial Public Offering

Skype, the rapidly growing internet calling service, has filed for an initial public offering. The company, which was once fully owned by eBay, plans to raise at least $100 million when it goes public this fall.

Closed-Door 'Open Internet' Talks at the FCC

Federal Communications Commission officials held closed-door meetings Monday with cable and telecom lobbyists who oppose the "open" Internet rules proposed by agency Chairman Julius Genachowski. Critics accused the FCC of trying to broker a back-room deal.

Growth Matters: Like Skype? Sipgate Wants Your Business

Is there room in the U.S. telecom market for another Voice-over-IP phone company? Recent European transplant Sipgate thinks so and its low-cost phone service plan offers something many Web competitors don't: a free inbound phone number that anyone can call.

How Consumers Will Take Back the Net in 2010

Thanks to the power of the Internet, it's getting harder for companies to control how we communicate and entertain ourselves. Google's new phone runs an app that enables users to make international calls far cheaper than with any wireless carrier. That's just one sign of growing consumer influence through the Net.

Is eBay waffling on Skype's departure?

Last April, Skype seemed as good as gone from the eBay stable. Word was that the parent company wanted to spin out the unit as a multi-billion dollar...