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People@Work: Construction Job Growth Is Slowly Rebuilding

New forecasts show that the worst may be over for the construction industry, which was hit harder by the Great Recession than any other sector, as construction projects slowly resume. Some 27% of construction firms say they plan to add staff this year, while only 20% plan to cut jobs.

Well-Educated Women Pay a High Price to Have Kids

Highly skilled women will lose about a quarter of a million dollars, or as much as a third of their lifetime earnings, by choosing to have a child, making the prospect of raising a family a far more expensive one for college grads than their less-educated counterparts, a new study shows.

Recent Layoff Craze Is Making Hiring Harder Now

A new survey says U.S. employers%u2019 use of job cuts as a cost-saving measure in the wake of the economic crisis may now be preventing them from attracting top recruits as they try to rebound in the current sluggish economy.