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Midday Market Minute: Ski Resorts Hoping for Lift from Nemo

Snow began to fall around the Northeast on Friday at the start of what's predicted to be a massive, possibly historic blizzard, a storm called Nemo poised to dump up to 3 feet of snow from New York City to Boston and beyond. And ski resorts are hoping for a turnaround in a disappointing season.

Six Industries That Could Reap a Blizzard of Profits

This season's series of colossal storms have cost millions of dollars for states, municipalities and businesses. But companies in these six industries are finding that the rough winter's snows are a gift from the weatherman.

Great places to ski for $50 or less

One thing that keeps me away from snow skiing, other than being lousy at it, is the high cost. Factor in the cost of renting skis, boots, poles and a...