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Sirius Trouble: Is Satellite Radio Headed for a Fall?

Satellite radio was one of the biggest success stories of the past decade, convincing millions of people that they really were willing to pay for radio. And things are going well for Sirius XM ... right now. But there are dangers lurking in the trends that could bring satellite radio down faster than you can say Baba Booey.

Why Aren't You Streaming Music?

There was a time when you cared about music: You made mix tapes, went to concerts, called radio stations; you bought vinyl, CDs, cassettes, 8-track tapes -- some of you even bought MP3s! And though the traditional music business is as good as dead, the music lover in all of us lives. That's where streaming comes in. Here's what you need to know, as a listener and an investor.

5 Things to Watch Next Week on Wall St.

Next week brings more earnings reports from big-name companies, including several home improvement giants, a couple of "good enough" computer makers, penny-pinching discount masters, and office supplier Staples -- whose results might stand as an indication of the broader economy's health.

Three Companies That Will...Soar on Holiday Sales

Hilary Kramer, editor of, talks about three consumer companies that she says are set "to do very well this holiday season and see their stocks soar." She's full of good cheer about Sirius XM Radio, Zales and Ruth's Chris Steak House.