Weird-Mart: Tales of the Bizarre from the Walmart Aisles

Is there something about Walmart that attracts weird events, or is it just that there are so many Walmarts for oddness to happen in? Either way, we wish that Rod Serling could don a blue vest and introduce this collection of bizarre incidents that have played out in the Land of Low Prices.

More Theft in Store for Retailers, Survey Says

The Retail Industry Leaders Association on Thursday reported a nationwide increase this year in shoplifting, calling the fight to stop store crime "an uphill battle." The group blamed an expanding black market for the rise in organized shoplifting crimes.

What Shoplifting Says About Us All

We want to be someone else. This, according to author Rachel Shteir, is why we shoplift.

I say "we," because of the dozens of people with whom I've...

Can't afford stuff? Try stealing!

That headline seems to sum up the logic of many cash-strapped consumers struggling with high gas prices. Experts say that shoplifting is up in light...