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MLPs: The Low-Risk, High-Yield Investment You've Never Heard Of

Bonds yields are so low you're paying to lose money. Interest rates can't keep up with inflation. And stocks are volatile and risky. So where can you go for safe, strong returns? Meet the Master Limited Partnership, an investment vehicle that's beating the markets for those in the know.

Natural Gas Firm Exco Gets $4.4 Billion Offer to Go Private

Natural gas prices have been persistently sluggish lately, but it looks like deal-making is revving up: The latest offer comes from the CEO of Exco Resources, Douglas Miller, who has offered to buy the energy company for $20.50 per share or about $4.4 billion.

CNOOC and Chesapeake Sign a $2.2 Billion Deal

CNOOC, China's top offshore oil producer, plans to buy one-third of Chesapeake Energy's oil and natural gas acreage in the Eagle Ford Shale project in South Texas for $1.08 billion in cash. The companies believe the deal will clear regulatory hurdles, even though CNOOC's efforts to buy a U.S. oil company five years ago were blocked.