Pop Quiz: What Were the Most Expensive Affairs in History?

The recent revelation of Gen. David Petraeus' affair cost him a promising political career. But in the grand history of marital infidelity, it barely warrants a footnote. If you want to see where Petraeus ranks when it comes to expensive affairs, take our quiz.

New Safe-Sex Porn Law Could Cost L.A. Billions

Many industries complain that new government regulations are bad for business; now, we're hearing it from the adult film biz. A proposed L.A. city regulation to require porn actors to use condoms has adult film makers threatening to leave Tinseltown -- and to take the lion's share of an $8 billion-a-year industry with them.

Sex in the Media: Troubling Links to Teens Found

A new report by the American Association of Pediatrics makes a direct link between sexual imagery in the media and increased teen pregnancy risks and exposure to such programming may also contribute to higher rates of sexually transmitted infections.

New .xxx sex domain for porn sites

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit that administers Internet domain names on behalf of the U.S....

Penthouse IPO Is Another Naked Gamble

FriendFinder Network, formerly known as Penthouse, needs money fast. The weight of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt has prompted it to turn to public capital markets. It%u2019s a desperate move -- in fact, the same move the company made a year ago under the same circumstances.

Even Porn Stars Get the Recession Blues

In 2006, porn DVD sales had hit nearly $4.3 billion, and online was good for another $1.5 billion. Today, the industry is suffering, as reflected in the annual Adult Entertainment Expo, currently underway in Las Vegas.

Judge nixes mandatory condoms in porn flicks

The porn business is going to keep its elbow room. A petition by an AIDS advocacy group to require that adult film companies use condoms when shooting movies has been denied by a Los Angeles judge.

Getting cheap sex in a recession

A good thing about being unemployed during the recession is that it gives you a lot more time at home -- doing chores, cleaning the garage -- and...

Hey baby, What's your credit score?

The economy is affecting all aspects of our lives, so it's no surprise that individuals on the dating scene are starting to check out their date's...

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