Northeast Air Travel Still Stalled, Thousands of Flights Cancelled

Hurricane Sandy grounded more than 18,000 flights, and it will be days before travel gets back to normal. Authorities closed the three big New York airports, and the ripple effects from the shutdown of the nation's busiest airspace are dramatically affecting travelers in cities far and wide.

The Trade Deal With Korea Will Beef Up U.S. Meat Exports

Since the mad cow scare of 2003, South Korea has been a tough market for U.S. beef: The country first banned it, then severely limited imports. But a pending new Free Trade Agreement could mark the resumption of normal trade, and the start of a more prosperous era for American beef exports.

Obama's Trip to Asia Fails to Achieve Objectives

The President's trip to Asia was supposed to be all about creating jobs back in the U.S. But he failed to create a trade pact with South Korea, to get an agreement on limiting surpluses by large trading partners and to get China to allow its currency to appreciate more.