Technical Market Analysis Warns: Mind the Gaps

Financial markets are becoming increasingly schizophrenic, ruled by erratic ups and downs. It's at times like these when technical analysis can help investors manage the emotional roller coaster, which is why for chart watchers, the catchphrase of the next few months could be "mind the gaps."

The Consumer Confidence, Retail Sales Disconnect

The yawning gap -- the largest since tracking began in 1992 -- between these two measures is telling us something. And chances are it's saying consumers know better than the economic indicators what's really going on in the U.S. economy.

As the Bear Shows Its Teeth, Where Do Stocks Go Next?

Investors are reeling after Wednesday's global decline in the equity markets, as the Dow fell 265 points and the S&P 500 lost over 2%. Some key charts suggest that the battle between bulls and bears is approaching an important turning point.

Is Yale's Confidence Index Sending a Signal?

Yale regularly publishes four indexes that measure institutional and investor confidence. This one is now showing a large divergence in sentiment. What might that trend be saying about the stock market?

Does Twitter tell you what to buy?

A fresh new study about how consumers use Twitter to talk about brands is being published in an upcoming issue of "The Journal of American Society...