Jackpot! States With Biggest Lottery Payouts

Lotteries are big businesses in most states, and they can provide windfalls for both the winning ticket-holders and state coffers. But which states give the most back to ticket-holders and through government services?

Obama Set to Lay Out Spending Plan

President Obama will lay out new plans this week to reduce the federal deficit in part by seeking cuts to government programs for seniors and the poor, a top political adviser said Sunday. "You're going to have to look at Medicare and Medicaid and see what kind of savings you can get," he said.

America's Low Interest Rates Have a High Hidden Price

Interest rates are the price of money, and though that price is near zero right now, the cost of low interest rates to our nation may be too high. Low rates are squeezing savers, seniors, banks and pension funds, and the benefits we're supposed to see from them don't appear to have arrived.

The Price of Aging: Will It Break National Budgets?

Thirty out of 49 major developed countries could see their credit ratings plummet to junk status if they don't make changes soon, says a Standard & Poor's study. The biggest problem is health care spending on the elderly, particularly for long-term care.

Social Security Administration Says No Cost of Living Adjustment in 2011

There will be no cost-of-living increase in social security payments for 2011, the second straight year without an increase. The Social Security Administration said today that inflation is too low to justify an increase, The Associated Press reported. The decision will affect more than 58 million retirees and disabled Americans.

It's Official: Social Security System Now in the Red

It finally happened: The nation's Social Security system will pay out more than it takes in this year and next, as aging baby boomers begin entering retirement. On the plus side, health care reform should keep Medicare solvent for an extra 12 years.

Seniors vs. Teens for Jobs: Oldies Are Winning

Teen joblessness is at the highest level in some 50 years -- and even seniors, who are delaying retirement, hold more jobs than youths, according to federal data. This means more teens are missing out on learning valuable job skills.

Don't let debt swamp your retirement

A friend of mine nearing retirement is looking longingly at a new Harley, but getting financing is going to be a challenge. He's contemplating...

10 tax tips for seniors

Every year about this time, I receive a lot of mail from seniors who are confused about whether they should file a tax return. The confusion stems...

Seniors housing: Let's make a deal!

Note to seniors seeking independent- or assisted-living communities: No time like the present. With occupancy rates down and rent growth slowing,...