self-driving car

How Close Are We to the Age of the Self-Driving Car?

Imagine a world without traffic jams, driver's licenses or car insurance. Sounds like science fiction, but maybe it's not. Last week, California became the second state in the country to pass legislation paving the way for self-driving vehicles.

Self-Driving Cars Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

Before you know it, cars that drive themselves may be available at your local dealership: According to a top GM official, vehicles that "partially drive themselves" will be available in just a few years, with more sophisticated self-driving cars possible by the end of the decade.

Google's Latest: Cars That Can Drive Themselves

Google has developed technology that enables cars to drive themselves and has already tested the vehicles -- manned by trained operators and software engineers, just in case -- for more than 140,000 miles. But will drivers be willing to give up the wheel?