sector investing

Sticking With Your 2010 Winners Could Be a Winner for 2011

According to S&P, investors who reinvested in the previous year's three best-performing sectors outperformed the S&P 500 benchmark 70% of the time. But investors who switched to prior year's three worst-performing sectors beat the S&P benchmark only 40% of the time.

For Investors, Defense Isn't Always the Best Offense

The market's recent volatility might make defensive investing seem appealing. But S&P Equity Research analysts caution that focusing too much on defensive sectors could have negative repercussions as well. Here's how to play smarter defense.

How to Become a Savvy Investor in Sector ETFs

Buying a single stock ties your fate to the ups and downs of one company. You can moderate this risk but still aim for your target by investing in an exchange-traded fund focused on a particular sector. With ETFs for just about every sector, how do you begin to choose? We'll tell you how.