second amendment

A Modest Gun Control Proposal: Use the Whole 2nd Amendment

Both President Obama's four-part gun control plan and the NRA's proposal to put armed guards in schools have severe shortcomings. To develop a third, better alternative, one might consider looking back to the specific wording of the Second Amendment.

Legal Briefing: Restrictive Gun Law OKed By Court

In a case that tested the boundaries of the Supreme Court's recent expansion of Second Amendment gun rights, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that some limits still apply: A federal law banning the possession of a gun with an obliterated serial number is constitutional, the court said.

Legal Briefing: U.S. Targets More Rich Tax Cheats

Now that they are nearly done squeezing Swiss bank UBS for information about its wealthy tax-dodging clients, the IRS and the Justice Department are moving on to new tax fraud targets: Clients of London-based bank HSBC Holdings, mostly those with ties to India and Singapore.

Smith & Wesson Shares Get
a High Court Lift

The storied firearms maker just reported annual earnings that soared 45% on a 21% leap in revenues to $406.2 million. But the Supreme Court's handgun ruling is most likely to excite investors and entice them to buy S&W shares.

A Clause for Conflict at Heart of Gun Rights Ruling

On Monday, the Supreme Court declared the Second Amendment applies to the states as well as the federal government, which essentially gives all Americans an individual right to possess a handgun. But the constitutional underpinnings of the ruling are shaky -- and potentially revolutionary.

Gun Sales Go Soft As Economy Improves

In recent years, demand for firearms skyrocketed: People worried that high unemployment would lead to more crime, and when President Obama was elected, gun rights supporters feared he would clamp down on their right to bear arms. But both of those fears have eased, and demand for guns is weakening.