Inside Rupert Murdoch's War on Google

Rupert Murdoch's strategy for crippling Google, his News Corp. rival, has been more orchestrated than it seemed, a profile published in this week's New York magazine reveals. And lest you doubt his intentions, Murdoch even named his initaitve after a conquest of the Roman Empire.

Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal OK'd

Antitrust regulators in the U.S. and Europe have approved Microsoft's search advertising partnership with Yahoo, giving the two companies a much needed boost in their quest to chip away at market leader Google. The regulatory victories are a major boost for Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who made the search partnership a key component in her still-young tenure leading the one-time Internet pioneer.

Google Threatens to Exit China After Cyber Attack

Google may pull out of the Middle Kingdom after discovering that hackers tricked human rights activists into opening their email accounts to outsiders. As a first step, the search giant says it will stop censoring its search results in the country -- a major turnabout for Google.

Yahoo's Airport Stunt Has Legs

As part of Yahoo's year-end do-gooder campaign, it paid the baggage fees of travelers at two California airports. It was a clever gimmick that tied in with Yahoo's mission of easing life's navigation -- and if the company is wise, it could be the seed for a new and better marketing campaign.

Is Twitter Really Profitable?
Do the Math

Recent news of Twitter's profitability may have been hasty. Dig into the numbers, and it becomes increasingly unlikely that Twitter has turned the corner. And, 2010 could be ugly, too.

November Search: All About Google

Internet giant Google grew its U.S. market share by a full percentage point to 71.6 percent in November, according to Web traffic tracker Hitwise. See how Google's gain impacted Bing and Yahoo.

eBay search function fails for hours

Firsthand reports from 24/7 Wall St. and social media information website Mashable say the the search function of eBay (EBAY) was down for several...

Bing loses its bang with fewer ads

The monthly search engine rankings have become something of a must-read for those who follow the space, with Microsoft's vaunted Bing making huge...

Will Facebook kill Google?

Will social networking giant Facebook kill search giant Google by sucking up advertising dollars? In the short term, the answer is clearly no. Longer...