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Is Yahoo's New CEO Sunk Before He Even Starts?

On Wednesday, Yahoo named Scott Thompson as CEO. He's a former PayPal president and veteran technologist -- and that's the trouble: Yahoo is following the same strategy that led it to hire Carol Bartz, who was ousted for failing to turn the company around.

What If Yahoo! Wants to Be Alone?

Everyone seems anxious to hook up Yahoo! these days. The dot-com pioneer has become that single aunt in every family whom everyone thinks sorely needs a soul mate. But what if Yahoo! is happy to be single? After all, it just spent $270 million on a acquisition of its own to beef up its online advertising.

Google Acquires Admeld to Boost Display Ad Business

Google recently acquired Admeld in order to provide better display online advertisement management services. Admeld's technology is expected to be incorporated into Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and could help Google to fend off Yahoo and AOL.

Google's Talent Drain: Why Its Best Brains Are Bolting

Watching which way the talent is flowing in Silicon Valley can tell investors a lot. Even if a big brain drain isn't a sure death knell for a major player, it can't be ignored. And during the last couple of years, a lot of talent has been draining out of Silicon Valley icon Google.

Google Earnings Easily Beat the Street

Google earned $7.64 a share in the third quarter excluding one-time items, handily beating expectations of $6.67. The strong results were an "October Surprise" of sorts for investors who have wondered whether Google's prodigious profit-making ability was beginning to wane.

Yahoo's U.S. Advertising Chief Calls It Quits

Yahoo's top ad executive in the Americas is resigning, as the Internet pioneer struggles to raise its flagging revenues. The move represents yet another high-profile departure from Yahoo, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Lycos Sold for $36 Million to India's Ybrant

A name from the Internet's past emerged as online marketer Ybrant announced its $36 million purchase of Lycos, an early search pioneer whose market position -- and valuation -- shrank as rivals quickly overtook it.

Three Reasons Why Google's Valuation Could Vault

The conventional wisdom gaining strength these days is that Google is past its hot-growth prime. But unnoticed by many investors are at least three businesses that could give Google's stock the kick it's looking for.

Yahoo Japan Teams Up With Google Search

Yahoo Japan is hooking up with Google to handle its search and paid-search advertising, carrying off a partnership that eluded U.S.-based Yahoo, and delivering a blow to Microsoft's efforts to increase the reach of its Bing search engine.

Twitter's New Ad Plan Just Might Justify a $1.4 Billion Valuation

Twitter's proposed business model centers on what the company calls Promoted Tweets. They appear when users search for keywords that advertisers have paid for. Twitter will show its users the Promoted Tweets based on those tweets' relevance to each Twitter user.

Yahoo Makes Deals to Expand in Spain and Sports

It has an exclusive agreement with Telefonica Espana to power mobile searches and sponsored-search ads on Telefonica's emocion mobile portal. Yahoo is also buying Citizen Sports, which delivers sports info to customers' social networking sites and mobile devices.