Is Red Lobster Dead?

Darden Restaurants is looking to either spin off or sell Red Lobster, part of its plan to boost shareholder value.

Japan Disaster Disrupts Global Seafood Industry

Japan, both a major buyer and processor of fish, is an important link in the global seafood distribution chain. So the effects of the disaster -- including the ruined ports, roads, fisheries and processing centers -- have taken their toll on the seafood industry worldwide.

One Gulf Shrimper's Tale of BP Oil Spill Woe

Shrimper John T. Christmas probably would have had a good year were it not for the BP oil spill. Now, the 60-year-old from Tarpon Springs, Fla., and thousands like him who have made their livings on the Gulf of Mexico, are wondering if they'll have any future at all in the wake of the spill.

More Diners Are Asking: Is This Seafood Safe?

Gulf fishing industry officials are worried about a consumer panic. That has restaurateurs assuring diners that seafood from the greater region is safe and preventive measures are being taken. Costs, however, seem destined to rise if supplies get crimped.

As Oil Spreads, Gulf Fishermen Brace for Disaster

At the rapid rate oil is leaking after the Deepwater Horizon rig accident, the spill will top the Exxon Valdez disaster in two months. With the slick approaching the coast, Gulf fishing businesses in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida fear the worst.

Is Trader Joe's Dive Into Sustainable Seafood Too Late to Help?

Trader Joe's plans to shift all of its seafood purchases to sustainable sources by the end of 2012. This extremely welcome move could herald a shift that can help save a deeply endangered food source. But sadly, it probably won't -- because the damage to fisheries may be past the point of no return.

Your red snapper is probably fake

A pair of high school kids did a DNA-barcode test on New York City sushi and found that one-quarter of the fish they tested was really a cheaper...