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How to Cut Kids' Lunch Costs: A Back-to-School Idea Roundup

Over the course of a school year, the cost of having your kid buy lunch in the cafeteria every day can really add up. But the alternative -- packing lunch for them -- has its own stresses. So what's a cash-strapped mom who hates packing lunch to do? Turn to the blogs, of course!

Who Really Gets the Lion's Share of Entitlements?

Conservative politicians have spent the past few months venting their ire on America's entitlement programs, and the alleged mass of lazy layabouts who make use of them. But a closer look at who actually lands in the social safety net reveals some surprising facts.

Moms' Best Back-to-School Savings Tips

As the new school year approaches, families head to the shops for new supplies. But the back-to-school shopping season can be hard on the wallet. Follow these money-saving tips from moms across the country and you'll have plenty of cash left for apples for the teacher.

Spud Wars: Potato Farmers Prepare to Battle New Rules

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering new dietary guidelines for school lunches, and the ubiquitous potato may be on the chopping block. The potato industry, though, is getting ready to defend its bottom line.