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Viral Video Explains the Huge Gap Between the Rich and You

Considering the sort of things that usually go viral on YouTube, you might not expect a six-minute video titled "Wealth Inequality in America," to make the grade. But its powerful snapshot of the American economic landscape is grabbing attention in a way that years of pontificating pundits haven't been able to.

Money Troubles: Who's Hurting the Most in Today's Economy

The sluggish economy has made money tighter across the nation, but, no surprise, the pain isn't being shared equally. A recent survey from Bankrate asked Americans how they're feeling about their finances, and reveals which groups are struggling the most.

As Holiday Season Begins, a Mixed Bag of Economic News

The news from the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis was mixed Wednesday. Consumer spending rose in October, but just barely. Incomes were up a bit, but savings did too. And employment figures were just conflicted.

Third-Quarter GDP Rose to 2% on Consumer Spending

Consumer outlays increased at the best pace in about four years -- providing some hope that the expansion can continue. The rise from the second-quarter rate of 1.7% was in line with economists' expectations. Soaring imports were a big drag on the growth report.

Poorer Households Give Consumer Sentiment a Boost

September's consumer sentiment level unexpectedly rose to 68.2 from its preliminary 66.6 reading. However, the entire gain came from more positive responses among households earning under $75,000 -- those who wouldn't be affected by a failure to extend the Bush income tax cuts for the rich.

How Can U.S. GDP Grow If Consumers Become Savers?

The consumer savings rate jumped to 6.4% in June, the highest it has been in a year. But this isn't exactly good news. Sure, it's a natural response to the crisis, but it's spending that drives GDP growth. So where will the next GDP growth surge come from? Our writer's theory: Corporate fear.

U.S. Savings Rate Hits 4% in May as Incomes Rise

The U.S. savings rate rose to an eight-month high of 4% in May, the Commerce Department said, as a 0.4% rise in average incomes outpaced a 0.2% rise in spending. But that caution on the part of consumers to spend, while good for the nation in the long term, may slow the economic recovery.

Why Rising Consumer Spending Isn't Likely to Last

Retail sales appear to be on the upswing lately. But where are U.S. consumers getting the money from? Unfortunately, it seems to be coming from rising credit use and diminished saving. That's not exactly the formula for a consumer-led recovery.

US savings rate soars to 14-year high

It looks like American consumers are salting it away. The U.S. personal savings rate surged to a 14-year high 5.7 percent in April, the U.S. Commerce...