Money Lessons From Mom

As Mother's Day approaches, the author remembers the lessons his mother taught about saving money and living well.

How the American Dream Is Keeping Us Broke

She lived in New York City, worked as a waitress and model, and saved almost $500,000 before turning 30. Her secret? It's the one that keeps the really wealthy in the money.

Simple: A New Bank for the Online Set

For customers sick of dealing with bank fees and surcharges, a new company called Simple is offering an interesting solution: all-online banking.

Saving For College Hits Record High

Tuitions are soaring, but parents are fighting back. College savings are at an all-time high, following a $25 billion jump between 2011 and 2012.

It's International Women's Day: How Does the U.S. Wage Gap Compare?

Happy International Women's Day, America: Overall, your women are doing pretty well. But when it comes to wage equality -- how much women earn compared to men -- the land of the free and the home of the brave ranks a startling 61st worldwide, behind nations like Madagascar, Cambodia and Guyana.

Want Security? Don't Invest...Save!

Want to retire with security to spare? Check out fixed rate annuities -- a way to save your way to security, rather than investing your way to an empty bank account.