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Palins Boost TV Ratings Over Thanksgiving Week

Bristol Palin helped boost the viewership for "Dancing with the Stars" when she made it to the final round, while her mother's show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" got half a million more viewers in the same week.

WikiLeaks Latest Document Dump Yields No Surprises

Despite all the media fervor over WikiLeaks massive document dump of decades of U.S. diplomatic correspondence, the leaked material hasn't revealed anything new. But while it may not harm national security, the leak could deal a serious blow to mainstream efforts to increase government transparency.

Gawker Is on Shaky Legal Ground Over Sarah Palin Book Excerpts

When Sarah Palin protested after gossip site Gawker posted pages from her upcoming book America By Heart, Gawker taunted her for her lack of knowledge about copyright law. But a federal judge has ordered Gawker to take the pages down temporarily.

Palin Says Bernanke Should 'Cease and Desist'

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, commented on the Federal Reserve%u2019s plan to buy $600 billion of long-term assets, saying that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke should "cease and desist." "We shouldn't be playing around with inflation," Palin said in remarks prepared for a Monday speech in Phoenix, according to Reuters.

News Corp. Buries HarperCollins' Earnings

Why did News Corp bury the earnings results of its book publishing unit HarperCollins? Does the media giant view the publisher as merely an afterthought -- or could Rupert Murdoch be contemplating a sale?

Will the Next President Be Brought to You by Rupert Murdoch?

Skirting campaign finance laws, News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, has found an entirely legal way to put millions of dollars directly into the bank accounts of leading Republican candidates like Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. He hires them.

Discovery Says Sarah Palin's TV Show Is 'Not Political'

Despite the Discovery Communications chief's defense, Palin's weak environmental record fits unnaturally with the company's pro-nature programming. Money seems to be the only thing green about the pairing, and the decision has angered many.

Henry Paulson's Memoir Is a Cautionary Tale

Henry Paulson's just-published memoir "On the Brink" recalls the financial crisis as it unfolded in the fall of 2008. Far from a gossipy tell-all, it devotes the bulk of its pages to the cautionary tale of how the world's financial system nearly collapsed -- and what he tried to do about it.

Hot Lights Back on Sarah Palin

True to her roots as an ex sports anchor, Sarah Palin is back on TV. Her chat with Bill O'Reilly on FOX News on Tuesday was the former Alaska governor's debut as a correspondent with the network. She used the appearance to trash her recent "60 Minutes" profile she said she hadn't seen.

Sarah Palin Heads to Fox News

What will Sarah Palin do now? The question remained open since she quit as Alaska's governor in July, until Monday afternoon, when The New York Times uncovered one answer: She's becoming a contributor to Fox News.

Sarah Palin's stylist speaks out

In case you've been living under an enormous, soundproof rock this week: Sarah Palin is back. And she's everywhere you turn, promoting her tell-all...