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Online Sales Changing the Tax Game

Nine in 10 retailers are expected to offer online deals today, Cyber Monday, according to the National Retail Federation. Those deals are expected to...

Will Amazon's Stock Jump With Black Friday's Boost?

On Wall Street, the retail sales figures that count aren't absolute numbers. Investors act based on how those numbers compare to what was expected, and in the case of Black Friday Internet sales, reality beat the predictions. That's good news for Amazon.

Texas Sends Amazon a $269 Million Sales Tax Bill

As states grapple with increasingly squeezed budgets, the battle to collect sales taxes from retailing behemoth Amazon has heated up considerably over the past year. Texas has raised the ante by hitting Amazon for four years of back sales taxes.

August Retail Sales: Expect a Mixed Bag

Despite the searing weather and a lukewarm economic recovery, major merchants are expected to report growing retail sales in their August tallies on Thursday

Hold the Tea Party, Some Voters Want Their Taxes Raised

Famed investor Warren Buffett and William Gates, Sr., the father of Microsoft's Bill Gates, say the rich should pay more taxes. In this economic downturn, some voters are choosing higher taxes over cuts in vital government services, stoking the ire of conservative groups.

Legal Briefing: Amazon Sues to Facilitate Tax Cheating

Among Thursdays legal news, Amazon launches a war against sales tax compliance by suing the state of North Carolina over divulging customer lists, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission sets its sights on ratings agencies, specifically Moody's, and the G-20 considers regulating credit default swaps on sovereign debt.

Happy Tax Freedom Day

Happy Tax Freedom Day! It has taken us just 99 days to get here, but today, Americans will celebrate Tax Freedom Day. Tax Freedom Day marks the day...

State sales taxes continue to rise

If you flip on the news or thumb through a newspaper these days, it's no secret that the federal government is facing a mounting deficit. Spending...

Five Potential Potholes on Road to Recovery

News that business inventories and industrial production are rising suggests the U.S. economic recovery is on track. But unlike previous recessions, there are five potential "potholes" in the road ahead. Declining employment and increasing commercial real estate foreclosures are two possible biggies.